Drawn to the Arts from a young age, Quentin specialised in painting in High School. He left his hometown in Switzerland a day after Graduation to travel the world for two years, documenting his journey through photography.  He then resettled in Sydney and completed an Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media at the International Film School of Sydney (2014-2016). There, he created the film Trigger, which won Best Film at the AFTT showcase. Currently on the festival circuit, it has also won the Oregon Gold Award for Best 1st Time Director.

Quentin recently graduated from WA Screen Academy with a Bachelor of Media, specialising in Directing, where he was a finalist for the Channel 9 Student of the Year Award. He also received the Channel 9 Excellence Award in Directing for the short comedy Carnal Privilege, which recently screened at Revelation Film Festival, Perth International Arts Festival and Over the Fence Film Festival in Perth. During his studies at WA Screen Academy, he also directed and shot the documentary On My Terms, which follows the struggles of a base jumper in the aftermath of a near fatal accident. His latest project was Rift, a project made with the Aboriginal Acting course at WAAPA, and his 10th short film directing credit, which received the Channel 9 Awards for Best Client Based Project. 

Quentin recently got the news that two of his short films,  got selected for the 2018 St-Kilda Film Festival - more to come on this soon. 

He is currently working at Joined Up Films in Perth, a production company that specialises in factual formats and documentaries. See more of our work at http://joinedup.com.au/#


My interest in Filmmaking didn’t develop overnight, but was rather built up over time. It started in High School where I studied Painting and Drawing intensively for four years. I was hooked on Art, yet at the time I hadn't considered Film to become a career path. After graduating, I spent 15 months travelling throughout Europe and predominantly Asia. During this time, I moved from Painting to Photography to better capture what I was experiencing, which incited an interest in Photojournalism – as I loved the truth that emulated from Photography. It’s not until my stay in Dharamsala (Northern India) where I met Lagpha, a Tibetan refugee, that I had my first real experience with Filmmaking.


He explained of how he self-immolated as a protest against the Chinese government in Tibet. He laughed at how he’d failed a few times before succeeding, as every time he would run towards the Embassy, the fire would burn out. I was fascinated by the contrast between the nonchalant-way in which he explained his story and its dark content. Unable to capture this through a photograph, I decided to film a short documentary about this man and his captivating story. I’ve been captivated since. Charmed by the powerful and complex medium that is Filmmaking.